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Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is the core service provided by Greenwood Associates. We have the expertise and capacity to complete the design, documentation and supervise the delivery of any project regardless of size or complexity.

Because every job is different, the first step of every project for us is establishing a clear understanding of the needs of our client, which allows us to quote our services as competitively as possible and correctly tailor our product to the unique requirements of each individual project. Whether they need a concept plan or a complete set of working drawings, our clients get everything they need and nothing they don’t.

Assessment of Landscape and Visual Effects

Councils around New Zealand are committed to ensuring the landscape and its resources are sustainably managed and developed. To assist in this management, an assessment of landscape effects and visual effects authored by an experienced and trusted landscape architecture practice such as Greenwood Associates may be required in support of applications submitted for resource consent or proposed plan modification. This assessment is a tool used by councils and affected parties to identify and assess the likely significance of the effects of change resulting from development on the landscape and visual amenity.

We work for our clients to provide a fair and professional assessment of both landscape effects (where we focus on the proposed changes to a physical landscape that may alter its value or character) and visual effects (where we look at the effects of proposed change and development on the visual amenity of viewpoints that are available to people on and surrounding a development site). Greenwood Associates has extensive experience in this field and use proven methodology to achieve great results for our clients. Our past work on assessments of landscape effects and visual effects are highly regarded by town planners, developers, government departments and most importantly local councils throughout the country.

Visual Simulations

The purpose of a visual simulation is to accurately portray a proposed change or modification to a landscape in a realistic manner and context. At Greenwood Associates, we produce high-quality images and photomontages from key viewpoints relating to a project using specific software, techniques, and NZILA (New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects) guidelines. We can generate images that represent existing views of a site prior to development, simulated views of a proposed development and views of the eventual outcome of a development depicting plant growth and other progress over certain timeframes.

Visual simulations can provide a range of functions for our clients from aiding resource consent applications and assessments of landscape and visual effects (or visual assessments) to design development and a better understanding of a proposal, our images can even be used in Environment Court or as sales and marketing material. Our product has proven to be very useful in assisting assessment and decision-making processes allowing better informed and more transparent judgments on appearance and effects to be made. The tools and techniques we use to generate visual simulations are constantly evolving as technology and requirements advance, we commonly use high quality digital and drone photography, satellite texture mapping and 3D modelling software. We strive to produce totally accurate simulations for every project.

Landscape Master Planning

We can work as part of a team to help our clients create an innovative and well thought out vision for a community, landscape, resource, place or site of any scale or complexity. We provide a product tailored to the needs of each specific project, commonly producing high-level strategic design, project-wide principles for landscaping in the public and private realms, planting and hardscape design and planning both short and long-term strategies for implementation. We love to think big and offer up unique ideas and solutions in our landscape master planning projects.

Our creative process is driven by investigation, we develop and explore the outcomes of our research and eventually hone the best ideas down into a viable and unique outcome. This process, coupled with our experience in the industry means we always think practically and are great at picking up problems before they arise. When you involve us in master planning a project, you can guarantee the innovative ideas and design we bring to the table will be firmly rooted in reality.

Contract Supervision

At Greenwood Associates, we take great pride in what we do and it is important to us that every project we are involved with is implemented true to our design and vision so the landscape can look and function to its full potential. We work for our clients to ensure contractors and suppliers implement our design to our high finishing standards and accurately, according to our approved plans, specifications and any relevant consent conditions from the council.

We have been involved with the New Zealand landscape industry for over 20 years and have built a great network of suppliers and contractors that we know and trust. We love to help our clients find the right collaborators to realize their vision to its true potential.

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