Peregrine Ridge Subdivision – Jack’s Point, Queenstown

We injected more formality wherever we could to give Peregrine Ridge a point of difference from the existing neighborhoods within the Jacks Point subdivision.

We were commissioned by Falconer & Co to curate the landscape aesthetic for the Peregrine Ridge neighborhood at Jacks Point in Queenstown. The developer wanted Peregrine Ridge to subtly stand out from the existing neighborhoods within the Jacks Point subdivision by injecting more formality and European country style wherever we could. This project required comprehensive landscape master planning and design services from Greenwood Associates including a developed design of the entranceway, stone walls, post and rail fencing, bollards, lighting and all street and open space planting. The design review board at Jacks Point has rigorous design criteria and whilst we were careful to maintain the minimalist design philosophy Jacks Point is renowned for, we pushed the boundaries to deliver our client a development with a point of difference, which has converted into successful sales.

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