Air NZ Auckland Airport Campus – Māngere, Auckland

A key feature we designed was the boardwalk for safe access to the car park whilst allowing provision for charging a fleet of electric vehicles.

Greenwood Associates worked with ProDesigners Architects on the upgrade of the Air New Zealand Auckland Airport Campus. Our brief for the design of this landscape was broken into three main components: a new entranceway to tie the landscape in with the new architectural design, an outdoor courtyard where staff and visitors could spend time outdoors and a boardwalk for safe access to the car park and allow provision for charging an ever growing fleet of electric vehicles. We applied a simple, low maintenance native under planting design across the site, whilst trimmed Griselinea littoralis (kapuka) hedges screen off exposed building services. Pruned Sophora microphylla (kowhai) feature trees complete the native theme and provide a splash of colour against the black building facade when in flower. Durable, modern outdoor furniture in white GRC and hardwood finishes off the space and provides a contrast in materials to the honed concrete ground plain whilst tying the car park boardwalk through to the main space.

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