Native Revegetation & Wetlands

Native revegetation is the term used when mass planting New Zealand native plant species to recreate a natural bush environment, where no bush existed previously. There are many reasons to carry out native revegetation including conservation, erosion control, preservation of bush remnants, encouraging native birds, weed control and preventing fertiliser runoffs into streams. Sites designated for native revegetation are often naturally defined areas such as gullies, steep faces, stream edges, extensions of existing bush remnants, wetlands and flood-prone flats. Greenwood Associates have been designing and supervising the implementation of revegetation planting for over 20 years. We believe in specifying plants that are specific and relevant to each site by identifying existing plant species that are growing naturally on the site and in similar habitats within close proximity to the site. Over the years we have developed our selection of proven pioneer species that are very hardy and establish a good canopy cover that restricts weed growth and promotes natural regeneration. Weeds are a major threat when planting natives and may affect the scale and timing of the implementation of a project. We supply clear plant installation methodology and implementation and maintenance specifications with all of our revegetation planting plans along with weed and pest control plans to ensure maximum plant survival rates.

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